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The Gate | I saw my first robin
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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I saw my first robin

I saw my first robin

What a good idea to go bush to do pest control this morning after having a break for a week, a holiday at home. With rain predicted I took the trip in the Suzuki to the Pukeatua stream track, rebaiting, putting out 5 vector traps in tunnels and putting a seat on the toilet up by the shelter close to the entrance to the Hill of Hope. I was just about finished my walking in the bush and this little bird, looking a little like a sparrow kept flitting around near me and then I saw it again as I walked along the road to the vehicle.

It was a sunny day yesterday and instead of going early I spent some time in the morning trying to find where the blogs were that I had written on the Wix website. As I walked I decided to transfer them to TheGate website and so that took a bit of work but it’s now done. It was quite a slow process copying each one. As I left the house I met Warren McCrae from KCDC checking the road works that have been done, it was good to talk to someone else. When I took the gas bottle for filling to Mark on Tuesday I connected with Rachael and Steve ( he and I collected some horse muchrooms for him after Patch caught and killed a hare as we talked.)

I enjoyed a time just sitting in the sun on the foldup chair on the flat place close the entrance of the dam track in the sun by the new shelter we recently made from reinforcing and a green tarpaulin. The chair is out in the open, the grass was wet from dew and about 2.30 the sun left, so time to head home . I continue my times of meditating on a phrase from Psalm 62. the one I thought about yesterday was about the glory of God and the glory we have been given. “My safety and glory come from God”. verse 7

David and I used wire and a ladder to reattach an electrical line in a white pipe from the toilet block to the bottom hut. The black electrical ties had disintegrated so it was sagging. A job well done. David sprayed some lichen he found up on the roof while there. I checked the shower as Mark and Bryony said it wasn’t very hot. With some advice from Chris Dixon I changed the gas bottle and we will see if that makes any improvement.

Lawns are trimmed with the weed eater as David can’t get the mower to go. He has been using the hedge trimmer most days, I did the trees close to the bee hives this morning. The work outside may be stopped for a day or 2 as rain is predicted.

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