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The Gate | the health benefits of walking in the forest
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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the health benefits of walking in the forest

the health benefits of walking in the forest

a beautiful thing it is to identify what others have been saying. There are many health benefits which are found in spending time in the forest for 2 hours so our walk to the dam fits that perfectly. Hearing the water flowing, the smell and sights bring relaxation…so endorpines are released, immunity Is enhanced and of course a great sense of peace pervades within…. something that has a term described by the Japanese which in English translates to Forest Bathing or being in the Forest Atmosphere.

The dam is great at various times… so inviting so a sign that indicates that it is potentially dangerous is needing to be added…. the 1.5 diameter drainage pipe is one and if anything untoward happens there is no help available for 3 -10 kilometres depending on cellphone coverage. Hear the sound of the roar… it’s amazing but not always seen on your visit here as it depends on the recent rainfall amounts.

Come for your time of rest is in this beautiful place, yes there is a strong presence of God’s Holy Spirit here so come and draw close to Him in this quiet place far from the city’s constant noise.. either to rest and sleep or walk, make your choice.

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