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The Gate | Happenings now we are close to December
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Happenings now we are close to December

Happenings now we are close to December

Now Summer seems to have come to the Gate… with birds singing during the day, the bare earth drying out, plants growing quickly and many people taking trips up the road past our house to the Tararua National Park. Walks in the bush are refreshing with plans to make shelters available to have a retreat in if desired. A tent for the top of the ridge above the house is planned with a toilet bucket and a water supply ( yet to be designed!)

Pest control has been happening.. 21 possums in over 2 nights on one ridge. Rats and an amazing find with a ferret in one DOC 200 trap. So work goes on. Photo showing the size of a large stoat found in a trap recently.

We have space for your time of rest with the bush in dry condition to walk.. and of course the Taruara National Park close by, the river to be refreshed beside or in. A tent is avabile if you so prefer.

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