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The Gate | Daily life adjustments
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Daily life adjustments

Daily life adjustments

How the weather affects our life here in Otaki Forks.

So many plans are put into planning diary but when many are outdoors the days get adjusted. This morning it was to go out doing pest control with rat and DOC 200 bait, leg traps to put on a line to catch possums but as with cricket ” rain stopped play” and I put the fire on in the kitchen. I had a plan to pull down a shelter wrecked by the wind and clean out the water tanks used for silt collection close to our intake but another day?

So it is at this time of year, outside work is fitted into the weather patterns. There is wood to collect for the fires, feeding the birds and other necessary things around the house but further afield is not something that entices one to get wet.

Fortunately shelters around the property help when the showers come through when doing pest control but not today… cosy and warm is the plan for me. Catching up on paper work, preparing an invitation for neighbours to come to a working bee to make tunnels for rats traps for Saturday at the end of August and for a retreat here on Saturday October 12th.

looking towards Mt Hector and the Tararua Mountains from Prayer Mountain.

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