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The Gate | retreats happen here for individuals and groups
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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retreats happen here for individuals and groups

retreats happen here for individuals and groups

We have been glad to have the recent visitors who have stayed. They taking time walking on our property and in the Tararua Forest Park, sharing at an evening meal and praying together has been the pattern of time together.  It is great that we can continue with the pest control and autumn pruning, gardening as inspired too.  It has been good to start to harvest the yams growing here, tops affected frost.

There is a biblical and poetry workshop planned for Saturday July 14th here from 10-3pm with a shared lunch.  A focus on God’s word taking time for him to speak to us with a plan that the results will be outworked in a poetry form.  A learning curve for some and an extension for others as we have a model in the Psalms of David.

We look forward to the new seasons… bees have their spring start on the shortest day we have been told at bee club.  So time for pruning, restful sleeps during these longer nights, warm fires in the kitchen on colder mornings and evenings as we spend time in the kitchen area. Of course boiler fires are good to heat water for baths and underfloor heating in rooms.

Pest control continues with new supplies of bait and bait stations from the KCDC Heritage Fund grant. Always a reason to be in the bush which restores a sense of peace for me, brings ideas and new ways of signage too.  With left over pieces of tiles I hope to make some plant markers and will consider what words to use for reflections/ things to remember as a feature of the dam track walk to the now named Lake of Remembrance/Rotomahara with it’s sign attached to the log above the lake.



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