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The Gate | Rain has come at last
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Rain has come at last

Rain has come at last

Greeted by a quail’s call at the back door this morning was rather interesting,

What a dry spellwe have had but rainovernight ever so small in amount is very 3 mil

We have watering to do, weeds a flowering, fejoia and putaputaweta flowering too.

The bees are busy, making new comb and collecting nectar in the swam hive I was given, so I begin again with lots to improve as a beekeeper with more frequent checks of what’s happening inside the hive.

A quiet spell after a few people staying is ok as we take each day.

Bush walking to do pest control is always good, away from the heat of the sun as I increase the number of traps and bait stations in 2 places.  It takes a bit of bush bashing cutting supplejack on the way, climbing and moving stones, a small area at a time.  We went looking for a rata tree and only found one that a rotting fallen tree in the place we had thought, pushing our way through a lot of Kiekie.  I am claiming back a grassy area by trying to kill the monbretia that has taken over there, at the spot where the Corrigan homestead, school, orphanage and post office was located close to the cairn.

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