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The Gate | Orchids abound
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Orchids abound

Orchids abound

The season for the different types to start flowering has begun with the delight to us of a visit by 2 botanists who spotted 13 different types including different sun orchids (Thelymitra) and  the different examples of Pterostylis as seen in the photo, on the side of the Historic Arcus dam track in various places so in flower and others finishing. It was amazing to see and identify more of these plus ferns, lichens, liverworts and trees that have sprung up over the 20 years since the dam was created.  It was a botanist’s delight with 5 spider orchid types ( Corybas)… 2 rare to the area with DNA found in McQuarie Island. A slow and observant botanist found more that we had in our walk pasts to do pest control or get to the dam.

This has been a good year for learning more….we came upon 2 men looking for these spider orchids on the side of the road when we went to install the board walk in the bush.  We met Carlos the man responsible for botany in Te Papa national museum for the first time.


What about a name for the lake behind the dam?  We have thought of Lake Mahara or in Maori Roto Mahara, ‘a Lake of Remembrance’. I have yet to have confirmed if it is big enough to add to topographical maps, is so we may pursue this further.

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